While I love to talk about the Catalyst Pedals and how they can improve your performance, confidence and overall fun on the trail I know I can be a bit biased. Nothing gets old as fast as someone telling you how great their products are.

Which is why I love how many great reviews we’ve gotten from other riders who have nothing to gain by sharing their experiences. Do a search on Google for Catalyst Pedals Review and you’ll find several unbiased reviews with great things to say about this new pedal.

Photo: Shoulders of Giants

Adding to the great press the Catalyst Pedal has received since its release is the latest review to come out on the new Shoulders of Giants website. The founder of the website Kevin Linderman was a long time clipless pedal user who was intrigued by the concept and ready to ditch his clipless pedals to try them out.

Click here to read the review and learn more about Kevin’s experiences and thoughts on the Catalyst Pedal

I don’t want to ruin it but obviously I wouldn’t be so pumped on the review if Kevin didn’t enjoy his experience. For me, the best thing I hear from clipless pedal riders who have tried the Catalyst Pedals is the rediscovered sense of freedom and fun that we used to have when we were kids.

So check out Kevin’s review for yourself and see what you think. And if you have any questions about the Catalyst Pedals and the science and logic behind them let me know, I’m always happy to help out.

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