Listen, if you’re happy with your progress on the trails so far this year and/ or you already have a program to ensure you continue in the right direction then this new workout plan isn’t for you. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and rock the trails.

However, if you are one of the countless riders I have been hearing from who aren’t happy with their progress so far and don’t have a plan to help them get through the riding season then you’ll definitely want to continue reading…

I recently created a new In Season Endurance Training Cycle based on some new things I have been experimenting with. Things like loaded carries, manipulating rep speeds and playing with some new exercises I’ve learned over the last few months are all things that have found their way into my workouts lately.

Using these things I developed some new workouts to help my private coaching clients transition into the riding season without losing too much strength and High Tension Cardio. That makes these workouts perfect for this time of year.

If you watched my In Season Training Strategies video series a few weeks ago you’ll remember that you need to cut back on your strength and cardio training but you can’t cut it out completely. This means that you need the most efficient workouts possible so you don’t lose your strength and High Tension Cardio base but you don’t overtrain in the process.

Click here to learn more about this new In Season Endurance Training Cycle and how it can help you ride strong now and all season long.

If there is one thing I know it is that a good training program In Season training program can make or break your riding season. Hopefully all the tips and strategies I’ve shared with you through my blog and newsletters have helped you figure out one for yourself but I also know that a lot of riders just need someone to put it all together for them into a done-for-you package.

If you’re tired of not knowing how to improve your fitness levels where it counts the most – on the trail! – then don’t miss this chance to get the new In Season Endurance Training Program.

BTW, it’s guaranteed so you really have nothing to lose. You’re either riding stronger in 8 weeks or I’ll refund your money – no questions asked. Just click here to learn more and get your copy of this new program today.

-James Wilson-

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