I’ve been training with kettlebells for a long time. Since about 2004, to be exact.

I love kettlebells because they allow you to get a great mountain bike specific workout with minimal equipment and time. Because of this I use them a lot in my own workouts and with my clients as well.

Over the years I’ve personally shown hundreds of riders how to get started with and use kettlebell training in their own programs. That means that I’ve learned a lot about the right – and the wrong – way to use kettlebell training for mountain biking.

One of the things I’ve found is that knowing how to perform the 5 Basic Kettlebell Lifts properly is the cornerstone to your entire kettlebell practice. This means it also plays a big role in the results you’ll see on the trail.

It is sad, though, that most riders never get the chance to learn how to do them properly or how to fix common mistakes. It is hard to find good kettlebell training instruction in a lot of areas and even harder to find someone who understands how the exercises relate to mountain biking.

This means that a lot of riders are making mistakes that not only rob them of performance on the trail but also increase their risk of injury from their workouts. These are probably not the kind of results they’re looking for.

Fortunately, avoiding and fixing these common mistakes isn’t hard once you know what to do.

To help riders looking to avoid these mistakes and get the most out of their kettlebell training I have put together a valuable free resource. In it you’ll find the 30 Day MTB Kettlebell Workout.

It is for riders who need a simple workout that focuses on the 5 Basic Kettlebell Lifts. It is perfect for those new to kettlebell training who need a place to start as well as kettlebell veterans who need a “re-set” on their technique.

I’ve also included a special pre-recorded video clinic showing you how to properly execute the 5 Basic Kettlebell Lifts. In it I also show you how to avoid common mistakes and, more importantly, some tricks to help you fix them.

You’ll have everything you need to start seeing the best results possible from kettlebell training.

Click here to get the 30 Day MTB Kettlebell Workout and other valuable training resources.

Kettlebells are a great training tool and provide a lot of unique benefits for the hard charging trail rider. Let me show you how to use them to see the best results possible in the gym and on the trail.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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