I’m still amazed at how much stuff we borrow from road cycling without questioning its applicability to mountain biking. For example, I don’t really think that having a bike fit will yield much advantage on the trail.

Fit Studio_0003

Think about it – how long can you really hold that “perfect” position on the trail? I don’t know about you but when I’m riding trail I am constantly shifting my weight, alternating between standing and sitting and generally working the trail to find as much flow as possible. Contrast this with a road rider who can basically camp out in the same position for the majority of their ride.

If you ride the types of trails that allow you to maintain a constant position then investing in a bike fit may indeed help. However, if you are more like the rider I described above then what is the point?

Of course, having a general fit where you get a frame and stem that let you have a comfortable position during seated pedaling is advised but having a super specific (and expensive) bike fit may not be worth it.

Of course, I may be wrong s I’d be interested in any opinions…

-James Wilson-

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