Exercises to Improve Your Body Position and Seated Pedaling

In this video I show you what I consider to be the most important lower body exercise to improve your body position on the bike as well as your seated pedal stroke – the Single Leg Deadlift. I also show you the unique exercise progressions I use to help riders learn how to do this difficult exercise and reap the benefits on the trail.

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  1. MIke says:

    Thanks for posting this James, and thank you for your continued patience and willingness to share what must seem like basic knowledge to you. I think I’m finally starting to get it. Because of your constant mention of body position and body movement on the bike in your videos and articles, I’m starting to see the light. I’m also beginning to connect the dots between the exercises and what I should be doing on my bike. You’re absolutely right ~ switching to flats really does expose your weaknesses, and I’m learning what mine are. They say it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and I can see why. We’re set in our ways, it’s hard to change a lifetime of bad habits, and we tend to over-think everything. If you ever have days when you grow tired of repeating yourself, remember guys like me. Repetition is the only way to get things into our thick skulls, and I for one appreciate your efforts. I can’t even begin to describe the impact you have made on me, and the difference it is making in my workouts and my riding.

    Thanks again, and keep doing what you’re doing.

    Reply • September 15 at 11:19 am
    • bikejames bikejames says:

      No problem, Mike, sometimes I think that people may get tired of hearing me say the same thing over and over but I know from years of coaching that it can take hearing something several times before it “clicks”. Hearing people tell me “why didn’t you ever tell me that before” after repeating the same coaching cue for the hundredth time is always an amusing moment for me in the gym.

      Glad to hear that its been making a difference for you on the trail, remember to enjoy the journey on the way to becoming a better rider…

      Reply • September 17 at 10:48 am
  2. omanwhereami says:

    James: I think it would be helpful to some people, like myself, if you include a recommendation on how many reps and how frequent at the end of your excellent video presentations. Example: single leg deadlift ten times each side, rest three minutes between each round, for three rounds, three to four days a week. Just my guess.
    Thans…keep up the good work

    Reply • September 16 at 7:53 pm
    • bikejames bikejames says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I know that giving an arbitrary number of sets and reps would be easier but fundamentally I think that you need to focus on quality first. Doing 5 super solid reps is better than 10 sloppy reps and so telling someone to do 3 sets of 10 reps without know what 1 set of 1 looks like is a bit irresponsible IMO.

      What I would suggest is focusing on a rep range of 5-15 reps and only do as many good ones as you can.

      Reply • September 17 at 10:43 am

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