I hear from a lot of riders who suffer from reoccurring wrist pain and hand numbness when mountain biking. This is unfortunate because, in most cases, it comes down to a bad cockpit set up and overall wrist position when riding. In this video I show you how your wrist should and shouldn’t look on the bike and show you how to use some unique kettlebell exercises to both teach you this wrist position and strengthen it.

While I address it in the video please note that the winged grips billed to help with this issue are not, in fact, fixing the problem and are instead letting you place even more strain on the wrists by artificially supporting bad basic wrist position. If you use those grips be sure to watch this video as I suspect that the short term reduction in pain afforded by those grips can come back to haunt you with bigger issues in the future.

-James Wilson-

1 thoughts on “Fixing Wrist Pain and Hand Numbness from Mountain Biking

  1. Henk says:

    Great – thanks for the tips here, my wrist pain is probably worse when I ride my road bike. Useful exercise.
    Also, the sound in this video is much better, so whatever you have changed there is positive.

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