Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself “why am I choosing to do this?”, especially when it comes to your training and riding.

Why are you skipping that workout?

Why are you sitting and spinning rather than standing and pushing a harder gear when you climb?

Why are you looking for another cardio workout instead of focusing on mobility and strength?

Why are you riding the same trails the same way year after year?

The answer to this question for most people is because they are seeking comfort instead of seeking real growth.

Real growth comes from turning into pressure, not trying to find and easy way out of it.

It takes becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable and focusing on your real weaknesses.

So why are you making the choices you are? Are they to seek comfort? Or are you looking for growth?

The great thing is that every day offers a new chance start making better decisions. And a big part of that for you as a mountain biker is having a weekly strength and mobility routine.

Hopefully you have a training routine that is working for you but in case you don’t you can get started with this month’s Workout of the Month. It will give you the structure you need to start reaping the benefits of MTB specific training using short, targeted workouts.

All that you need to do to get instant access to this month’s workout is enter your name and email below so I know where to send it. Plus, I’ll be sending you a new workout each month along with weekly training tips to help your training and riding.

I hope you enjoy this month’s workout and get some good results from it. If you have any questions then just post a comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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