If you want to quickly improve your riding you need to work on your standing pedaling power and endurance. When you stand up you improve your power, almost all technical skills require you to get your butt off the seat and it is also better for your knees and low back.

Unfortunately, though, most riders don’t have the core strength, High Tension Cardio and specific skills to really tap into the power of this position. As a result they end up sitting and spinning through almost everything, only standing up when they have to.

But once you address these specific things you can turn Standing Pedaling into a go-to position for you on the bike, helping improve your performance and fun.

I created the Standing Pedaling Program to help you improve your power and endurance from this important position on your bike. Up until a few weeks ago I had it for sale for $39 and it has already helped hundreds of riders just like you… but now I want to give it to you for free.

I’ve even recently updated it so even if you’ve bought it in the past you’ll still want to check out this new version. This free program is a full 4 week training program complete with strength training, cardio training and skills drills that are all geared towards the specific things you need to improve your Standing Pedaling.

And now you can download it for free. Just enter your name and email below to get instant access…

The reason I’m giving this program away is because I’m tired of seeing so many riders shackled to their seat. Standing up is more fun and will help you improve your performance faster than anything else you can do.

I know this because I’ve seen and experience it for myself.

In my time working with a lot of world class riders I noticed that they all tended to stand up more than “regular” riders did. Whether it was standing up to stomp up a short climb, pick their way through a technical section or execute a technical skill like cornering or bunny hopping, they made much better use of the standing position than the other riders I trained.

Eventually I started to use the standing pedaling position more based on what I was learning from how these top riders rode. And what I found out was that while these top riders had a lot of gifts that most of us don’t, anyone can become better at standing pedaling once you know how.

Which is what my goal was with the Standing Pedaling Program. From the 1st version (this is the 3rd) I wanted to give riders a blueprint to help them be able to crack the code on how to improve their standing pedaling power and endurance.

So I’ll hope you’ll download this new free workout program and give it a shot. In the next 4 weeks you can be standing up a lot more – and experiencing the improvements that come as a result – and I know this program can help you do it.

If you have any questions about the program or anything else related to helping you enjoy riding more please let me know, my goal is to help as many people as I can discover the power of strength and mobility training for mountain biking and I appreciate the chance to help you.

Until next time …

Ride Strong,

James Wilson
MTB Strength Training Systems

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