If you held a gun to my head and made me pick what “diet” I recommend I’d have to lean towards what is commonly called the “Paleo” approach to nutrition. While it can get pretty strict, in a nutshell you try to eat the same basic things humans have been eating for thousands of years. Lots of fresh veges and fruits, nuts, fish and meat while limiting the amount of grains and sugars we eat is a basic formula that we tend to thrive on.

Which is why I was so glad to come across Abel James and his Wild Diet. Like I said, the whole Paleo Diet is pretty strict and it has developed somewhat of a cult following, making it tough for me to get behind recommending it to everyone. I like things that are simple, easy to implement and set you up for success which is exactly what Abel James does with the Wild Diet.

The best way to describe the Wild Diet is through a t-shirt I saw Abel wearing that says “I’m 87% Paleo – The Rest is for Scotch and Cigars”. In other words, it is what I would consider a saner, more reasonable approach to the issue of eating like our ancestors that I think more people can be successful with…even if you don’t drink Scotch or smoke cigars.

More than just nutrition, though, the Wild Diet looks at how to live a more natural lifestyle as well as learning how to eat like we were intended to. I strongly believe that a lot of the performance issues faced by mountain bikers are brought on by gaps in how we were meant to move, eat and live and no amount of technology, supplements or drugs can fix the real problems.

On Wednesday the 16th at 12:45 pm MST I’m going to be interviewing Abel on a live webinar and I’d love for you to join me. Abel will be talking more about his journey and how he went from fat and sick to lean and healthy and the lessons he’s learned along the way. He’s is also a fellow mountain biker and will have some unique insights into applying this lifestyle to an endurance sport.

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Besides writing the Wild Diet, Abel is the host of the #1 rated ITunes fitness podcast The Fat Burning Man. He has helped thousands of people lead healthier lives through his website, podcast and book and he’s a sought after leader in the natural eating and Localvore movement. Having learned his lessons the hard way (he didn’t go to school for this) he has a cool perspective on what it takes to be successful at overhauling your life for the better.


By registering you’ll be able to join us live and ask Abel any questions you might have about how to apply the Wild Diet to your situation. You’ll also get a replay link sent to you in case you can’t make the live event plus a link to 17 of Abels’ best tips and tricks you can start using today for free.

Click here to register for this free webinar with Abel James

Like I’ve said many times, you have to remember that you aren’t a mountain biker…you are a human being that rides mountain bikes. You have to take care of the human being first if you want to get better at riding, especially over the long run. Join me on Wednesday the 16th at 12:45 pm MST to learn more about one of the best ways I’ve seen to do just that with the Wild Diet and Abel James.

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Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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