While I know that the Ultimate MTB Workout Program is the best mountain bike training program available today, I also know that it isn’t right for everyone. Not everyone has the equipment and time required to complete it, which is why I offer other workout solutions.

And one of the best programs that I offer for riders who can’t do the UMWP is the 12 Week DB Combos Program. In fact, it was created for that specific reason.

When I created the program I was traveling a lot and found it hard to find the equipment I needed in most hotel gyms. All I usually had access to were some dumbbells and so I had to get creative while also keeping things simple.

The result was the 12 week DB Combos Program. All you need is 45 minutes and a pair of adjustable dumbbells to see ride changing results with this workout program. It builds mountain bike specific strength and cardio in a very efficient way, letting you get more results out of less training time.

Because of this it has proven to be the perfect workout program for…

– Riders who travel a lot and need a workout they can do with the equipment found in most hotel gyms.

– Rider who don’t have experience with strength training and need a simple workout they can easily understand and follow.

– Riders who can’t afford a gym membership and need to train at home with minimal equipment.

The 12 Week DB Combos Program has already helped hundreds of riders around the world improve their speed and endurance on the trail. In fact, it is the same workout program I gave to Aaron Gwin to start with and he used it to help him get 10th place in his first World Cup race. If it can help him ride faster then just think about what it can do for you.

But you don’t have to be a pro rider or a downhiller to benefit from the program. It has helped countless weekend warriors as well as World Cup pros. It has also helped riders in a wide variety of disciplines, from Enduro to XC to basic trail riding.

It is an amazingly versatile workout program that I know can help you as well.

And since this is Black Friday Week I want to give you the chance to get the 12 Week DB Combos Program for only $29, which is 25% off the regular price.

This program includes video demos of the routines, detailed pictures and descriptions of each exercises, training logs and everything else you need to easily get started with the workouts. In fact, I set it up so that you can literally be starting your first workout within 15 minutes of downloading the program.

Plus, as part of the Black Friday Special you’ll also get these 3 FREE bonus workouts valued at over $100:

– DB Time Crunched Tail Rider Follow Along Workouts: This 12 week dumbbell program features 30 minute follow-along workouts you can do at home. Just hit play and follow along as I lead you through your workout. I show you what to do and do it with you as we complete the workouts together, making sure you know exactly what to do and have the encouragement to do it.

– MTB Mobility Program: These simple 15 minute Follow-Along routines will instantly improve your mobility, letting you perform at a higher level with less pain. Just click play on these follow-along videos as I show you how to go beyond stretching to unlock your stiff joints and find a new way to move on your bike.

– MTB Low Back Pain Solution: Discover the simple 3 Step Formula that will reduce low back pain both on and off the bike so that you can ride as long and fast as you want while doing it all pain free. Instantly improve your hip mobility and core strength with the only program designed to target the real causes of low back pain on the trail…too much seated pedaling! In only 30 days you’ll completely change your hip mobility, trail specific core strength and ability to stand up more, letting you ride with less pain and have more fun on the trail.

You’ll also get my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – if you don’t like the 12 Week DB Combos Program or feel it isn’t the right workout program for you then just let me know and I’ll refund your $29. You can even keep all of the bonus workouts as a thanks for checking it out.

If you don’t already have a workout program that you can use at home, on the road or anytime you just need a simple but effective workout that targets your needs as a mountain biker then this is the perfect time to get the DB Combos Program. You’re getting 25% off this best-selling workout program plus you’re getting 3 free bonus workouts valued at $107.

But this special deal only lasts a few days so don’t wait.

Click here to learn more and get the DB Combos Program for only $29 plus your 3 FREE bonus workouts.

I’m confident that you’ll love this workout as much as I do. Sometimes you need a simple but brutally effective workout program that still targets the things we need as mountain bikers and that’s exactly what this program delivers.

And now is the perfect time to add it to your toolbox. Click on the link above to take advantage of this Black Friday Week special before it ends.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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