The Russian Twist can be a funny exercise to watch – it is supposed to be a core exercise but it usually gets turned into some sort of arm and lumbar spine (low back) exercise.  The idea behind the exercise is to promote stability in the lumber spine and mobility through the thoracic spine, which is just a fancy way of say that your lower back and arms really shouldn’t be moving during the exercise. If they are then you are missing out on a lot of core engagement and potentially screwing up your lower back in the process.

In this video I show you a simple tip that will dramatically improve your core engagement during this great core exercise, ensuring max results and safety.

-James Wilson-

Additional Resource #1

Looking for more unusual core training exercises to help with your mountain bike riding? Check out this post where I share 3 core training exercises from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that will present some new and unique challenges.


Additional Resource #2

The MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program is a great way to incorporate kettlbell training into your program. Designed with the unique demands of mountain biking in mind it combines the unique benefits of kettlebell training with the ride changing power of MTB Strength Training Systems to help you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail. Click on the link below to learn more and order your copy today.

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