…so I could open up in a new spot! It is hard to believe but it has been 3 years since I moved to Grand Junction and opened up my own training facility. So, my wife and I looked around and found us an even better spot to work out of.

As much as I loved our old place it always felt a bit cramped. It was in a strip mall and was a long, narrow room with no windows except for the glass door and two window at the front. Whenever we got 4 or more people going in there it could get a bit congested. We also had low ceilings which made it tough to do ball tosses and set up a climbing rope.

So, a few months back we looked around and found our new space. We still had a few months left on our current lease so we couldn’t make an offer yet. But when it was still available a few weeks back we jumped on it.

We had the inside demoed, the walls painted and reserved a U-Haul truck in less than 2 weeks. Last weekend I spent a lot of time moving rubber mats, weights and kettle bells. I’m beat!

However, the end product is awesome. I am super excited to work out of this new location and the possibilities it offers. There is an outside fenced off area we haven’t even touched yet. I want to get some rusty barbells and a torn up bench and throw them back there and call it “The Yard”. Kiele doesn’t like that idea…yet.

Here are some pics of the move and video of the end product in action Monday night…

The old spot - long and narrow
The only windows in the old place.

Being able to back right in helped

Lots of open space
The entrance area

Sunday afternoon getting it all back together

Cutting rubber floors really sucks
Coming together
Ready for action

-James Wilson-

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