A few years ago I went through the RKC Kettlebell course (before Pavel split to start Strong First) and it was a great experience for several reasons. Along with learning a lot about how to coach kettlebell lifts I was able to dial in my own form on several lifts, which helped me a lot in bringing the power of kettlebell training to my fellow mountain bikers.

But the most important lesson I took away from that weekend was the importance of breathing. In fact, it was that experience that launched my obsession with proper breathing and the importance of focusing on it when you train. Focusing on my breathing helped get me through the most physically challenging parts of the weekend and I knew that it was a big part of unlocking higher levels of performance.

Since then I’ve shared a lot of different videos on how to use breathing to improve different areas of training and going into the off-season I wanted to share one of my favorites.  In this one I share how to achieve a biomechanical breathing match when you strength train.

There are two basic types of breathing – 1) Rhythmic/ Ballistic that you would use for swings and snatches and 2) High Tension/ Grinding that you would use for squatting and presses. By learning how to connect the right type of breathing to your movements you increase your strength, power, and efficiency.

Check out this video to see how to do this so you can start applying this to your training right away.

Everything starts with your breathing so learning how to use it properly when you train is very important.  If you are not training proper breathing mechanics in the gym then you won’t apply them on the bike. Make sure you use the right kind of breathing for the right exercise and you’ll be a believer in the power of proper breathing as well.

If you have any questions or tips of your own on this just post them below, I always love to hear your thoughts. And if you liked this video please click one of the Like or Share buttons below to help spread the word, so few riders know about this stuff and make use of it.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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