Having “bad knees” is one of the most common complaints I hear about from riders who have concerns about incorporating squatting exercises into their program. It seems that when they try to squat it causes them pain – either immediately or in days afterwards – and so it is an exercise/ movement they generally try to avoid.

The problem is that the problem usually isn’t “bad knees” as much as bad form placing too much stress on the knees.

Simply put, when you drive your squats from your ankles instead of your hips your knees will suffer. However, squatting is an important movement for us both on and off the bike. Besides being one of the basic human movements that we need for something as simple as getting up and down from a chair, it is also the movement pattern behind standing pedaling.

This makes it important for us to train on some level, even if it is just practicing bodyweight squats for mobility.

In this video I show you how to squat in a way that will take the stress off your knees and let you train this valuable movement and apply better movement on the bike.

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James Wilson


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