Improving your cornering skills is usually at the top of most rider’s wish lists. It is a skill that can not only make you looks pretty cool but will also improve your speed and safety on the trail.

However, the way that cornering is usually taught doesn’t tell the whole story. With too much emphasis on the turning the hips and leaning the bike, riders end up missing the most important part…your shoulders.

That’s right, great cornering technique is actually driven from the shoulders. And not using the shoulders properly is the #1 mistake I see riders make with their cornering, especially since they are usually taught to “lean the bike and not their body”.

In this video workshop I share the right way to use your shoulders when cornering and some exercise to help make it easier to do. After watching it you will have a much better idea of how to use your body to flow through the corners instead of fighting yourself with advice that applies better to a motorcycle than riding a mountain bike.

Here are the videos I refer to in the video, sorry for the technical difficulty and not getting them on the webinar:

Using only balance points to turn:

Using only manual inputs to turn:

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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