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  1. Dave Cahill says:

    Hi James

    Over the years, and there have been a few now, I have trained in massage therapy learning about anatomy and physiology, about ten years; martial arts, about 25 years; in the gym around 20 years and mountain biking some 15 years.
    There is nothing more satisfying to my mind than having thought about a thing long and hard and some day having that eureka moment which improves and defines a thing both for yourself and to teach to others around you.
    I have only started doing this in my mountain biking in the last few years so reading and watching your posts has been a fantastic fast forward for which I am very grateful, thank you for your awesome work.

    And now to the other reason for this email….
    In order for more people to benefit from your work and for you to benefit from that, I would like to give you some feedback.
    In all honesty if I had not been stuck in bed these last few days I probably would not have watched what I have. The two webinars I watched were both well over an hour each (very long) and I found myself having to rewind often, sometimes because of poor sound quality and sometimes from a lack of concise and organized presentation, nobody can be all things and it would seem that presentation is not your forte.
    I would be happy to give you more feedback but i bet there are plenty of people out there who would be only too happy to and better qualified than me to give you a few pointers.
    Feel the love.

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