I’m pretty well known for the use of combo drills to build High Tension Cardio in mountain bike training routines but they aren’t the only ways to add some extra cardio to your workouts. If you want to work a bit more on strength while getting some extra cardio then Hybrid Exercises are another tool for you to put in your toolbox.

Hybrid Exercises are when you combine two exercises into one movement. They differ slightly from combo drills so watch this video to see how they break down and how to perform this routine.

Hybrid Exercises for MTB on pinkbike.com

Here is a list of the routine:

– TRX Push Up with PJK                     X 12 reps

– RDL with Bent Row                           X 12 reps

– Split Squat with Shoulder Press          X 6 reps each leg

Go through this circuit 2-4 times.

-James Wilson-


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