I get interviewed by The Angry Mountain Biker Podcast

Last week I had the privileged of being on the Angry Mountain Biker Podcast, which is a podcast run by Will Niccolls. I had someone tell me about the show after checking into it I really liked Will’s every-day-rider outlook on things…as well as his love of flat pedals and standing pedaling.

After contacting Will to let him know I liked the show he invited me on to share some info on the pedal stroke, foot position and the real value of flat pedals. We also talked about my new Catalyst Pedal and how it fixes the problems caused by pedals that are too small for your feet (which includes every other pedal on the market).

At the beginning of the show I share the story of how falling over at a stop sign, training Aaron Gwinn and the desire to create the best training programs possible led me down the path that I’m on today.

Click here to listen to/ download this episode of the Angry Mountain Biker Podcast

I hope you like this interview and get some good info from it. Knowledge is power and for too long the cycling industry has preyed on our collective ignorance. Knowing the truth is the best way to decide what is best for you.

And I hope you’ll check out more episodes of the Angry Mountain Biker Podcast, Will has a good show with some fun stuff to share. Good mountain biking podcasts are pretty few and far between so its good to support one when I get the chance.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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