I get interviewed by The Strength Coach Podcast

For those that don’t know, The Strength Coach Podcast is my favorite podcast and the only one I listen to regularly. Every episode is packed with great insights and tips from some of the brightest people in the strength coaching community and I look forward to every new episode to see who is next in the exclusive lineup of coaches to make it on the show.

So you can imagine how stoked I was to get an email from The Strength Coach Podcast saying they wanted to interview me for the next episode. Getting to talk about mountain bike strength training the biggest strength coaching podcast was a great opportunity to spread the word to a lot of riders and coaches who may have never thought about it before.

That interview I did last week is now posted on the latest episode of The Strength Coach Podcast which you can access below. In this interview I discuss some of the specific things I look for when training riders, how strength training relates to technical skills, the differences between High Tension and Rhythmic Cardio plus my Barefoot Pedaling concept. Enjoy!

Click here to go to my interview on The Strength Coach Podcast

-James Wilson-

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