Here’s an email I just Nathan Riddle, one of my distance coaching clients who has been training for Super D races this season. I’ve had him using a variation of the new DB Combos Program and apparently he surprised himself with the results from his last XC race. Here is the rundown he sent me…

“Just got done with the Spring Thaw here in Ashland and wanted to give you the quick rundown;

1st Chris Sheppard
2nd Aaron Bradford
3rd Scott Chapin
4th Nathan Riddle
5th Mark Weir

1st Nathan Riddle
2nd Mark Weir
3rd Casey Coffman
4th Scott Chapin (I think)
5th Ben Cruz

Hard tail DH
1st Nathan Riddle

I’ll have the full story on my site within the next couple days. Looks like it’s working!!”

Good work Nathan, glad your hard work is paying off. I guess that my programs aren’t just for downhill riders! If you’ve got a success story to share send it my way, I’d love to hear about it.

-James Wilson-

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