In my post on how to Improve Your Riding 100% in 30 Days I touched on the basic principle of focusing your training on improving something specific for a short period of time. This approach becomes even more important as we progress as riders because the amount of effort it takes to move the needle on skills and fitness levels becomes higher as we get get better.

However, this approach is equally important for the new rider needing to establish a solid base to work from, or even an experienced rider who never got the chance to work on the fundamental things when they starter riding. This brings us to another Improve Your Riding 100% in 30 Days Blueprint, this time covering Body Position.

Body Position on your mountain bike is the core skill that everything else you do on the trail stems from. If this is off you won’t pedal as efficiently, corner as confidently or jump as consistently. You overall balance and trail skills are tied to your Body Position as well. This makes it something every rider should spend time improving no matter how long they’ve been riding.

With that in mind here are the key Mobility Drills, Strength Training Exercises and Skills Drills that you should use over the next 30 days to help improve this essential riding skill.


Hip Hinge

Shoulder Mobility


Uni Deadlift progressions

TGU/ Swing/ Goblet Squat

Skills Training

Body Position Clinic

Every day you should do something on this list. Those mobility drills should be part of your warm up. At least 1 of those strength training exercises should be in your workout every time you workout. You should schedule 15-20 minutes of cone drills a couple times a week. Every time you ride you should be putting it all together on the trail.

Just like with my Improve Your Cornering 100% in 30 Days article, if you follow this plan for 30 days I guarantee that your cornering will have improved a lot, probably 100% or more for some of you. It is very empowering to realize that you can be the rider you want to be – you just need to focus your efforts for 30 days.

-James Wilson-

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