The TRX is such a great training tool for several reasons but on of my favorites is the ability to get a great strength endurance workout with them. Since you can quickly switch from one exercise to another and modify the difficulty as you fatigue it offers a great way to challenge your work capacity, which is a key factor to improving your endurance on the trail. However, while your ability to “work hard” is important, an often overlooked factor is just as important – your ability to recover between your hard efforts.

The best way to improve this ability is to focus on your Recovery Breathing between those hard efforts. A good Recovery Breathe is driven from the diaphragm and is much more effective as a recovery tool but, like anything else,  it has to be trained. One of the most effective ways that I have found to do this is to focus not on how long you have to rest between exercises but how many recovery breathes you take.

For example, instead of telling you to rest for 15 seconds between exercises I would tell you to take 3 recovery breathes, starting the next exercise at the end of the 3rd breathe. This shift in focus gets you thinking about the quality of your recovery more than how long it is which can really highlight some deficiencies in that area.

Today I posted a new video where I show you a circuit using 3 common TRX exercises – the Push Up, Inverted Row and Jump Squat – with this Recovery Breathe focus between exercises. In it I explain what a good Recovery Breathe should feel like as well as some coaching cues to help you get more out of the circuit. By focusing some of your cardio training on your breathing you can improve an often overlooked area in most mountain bike training programs, giving you a “lung up” on everyone else.

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TRX Cover #2

-James Wilson-

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