The airborne lunge is a great single leg squat variation that really challenges the lower body in a unique way. The position of the legs is more similar to standing pedaling on your bike than a standard single leg squat but this variation is also very tough for most riders and hard to pull off at first. This leaves a lot of riders frustrated and giving up on this great exercise too early.

What a lot of riders don’t know is that there is a way to advance into the Airborne Lunge using a suspension trainer like the TRX. In this video I show you how to use the TRX Balance Lunge exercise as a way to work on the movement behind the Airborne Lunge until you can do it freestanding. Both of these exercises are great for any rider who wants to improve their standing pedaling strength and power so if you haven’t been incorporating them into your routine then watch this video and give them a shot next time your train.

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– James Wilson-

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