This time of year I start to get a lot of questions from riders who have been training hard during the off season and are transitioning into their riding season. As many of them have found out, having a bad strategy for your in-season training can ruin all of your hard work in the off season, making this a critical time for us as we spend more and more time on the trail.

This morning I shot a video going over in-season mountain bike training strategies for cardio training. In it I will explain the 2 biggest mistakes riders make with this area of their training, why those mistakes can sabotage their long term progression and what you should be doing for cardio training during the riding season.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I’ll go over the role of strength training during the riding season and, like I mention in the video, why your strength level is the cornerstone of your cardio.

-James Wilson-

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