In my last blog post I talked about the important adjustments you need to make with your cardio training during the riding season and how to avoid 2 critical mistakes. In it I also mentioned that strength was the real key to keeping your cardio levels high throughout the season and today I wanted to share some more insights into that.

In this new video I’ll explain why your in-season training program really needs to be based on your strength levels, how to know when you’re “strong enough” and why it is critical that you maintain that strength as best you can during the riding season.

That’s it for now, be sure to catch my last post where I’ll wrap up this 3 part in-season training strategies series and talk more about how your mobility levels are the foundation that everything you do on your bike is built on.

-James Wilson-

2 thoughts on “In Season Mountain Bike Training Strategies #2 – Strength Training

  1. Jaime Bustos says:

    With the in season wt training , you recommend 3×3 on 6 exercises, what percentage of 1 rmax do you recommend?
    Thanks !!

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