It doesn’t take long before people realize that I think the Turkish Get Up is one of the best mountain bike core training exercises you can possibly do. However, standing up with a weight and doing a good TGU is not always the same thing and a simple training tip can make a big difference in helping you understand the difference.

This is a video coaching tip I shot for my Personal Coaching Membership Site a couple of years ago on how to use a shoe to help you dial in your form on the Turkish Get Up and Arm Bar. While my TGU form isn’t the best (I really learned a lot about that exercise at the RKC certification weekend) and I don’t use the shoe as much for the Arm Bar any more it is still a really valuable training tip. In fact, everyone I work with does a TGU “naked” (just bodyweight) and then with a shoe before I ever hand them a weight.

If you’ve never tried this tip then give it a shot the next time you do your TGUs, you might be surprised at what you learn in the process.

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-James Wilson-


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