Kettlebell Arm Bar for Mountain Biking

I’ve been using the kettlebell arm bar a lot in my facility recently. Here is the video demo of it and why it is important for mountain bikers to use. Hint: core strength and shoulder stability, two thing most of us lack…

-James Wilson-

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  1. I really like this exercise, I find myself just wanting to do it because it loosens my shoulders up and feels great. So many people have bad posture and rounded shoulders and this will do wonders for them. It also teaches people HOW TO USE their core strength which is just as important as HAVING core strength. As far as mountain biking goes, James you have it spot on! I see a lot of riders with bad body positioning on the bike and even in motocross, and the rounded shoulders is a big part of that problem. One problem usually leads to another. Either in Mountain Biking or Motocross body position is everything when it comes to making the bike do what you want it to.

    Thanks James, Keep up the good work!

    Reply • January 17 at 8:58 pm

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