I got some requests from people after my original Barefoot Pedaling post about how to pedal with the aid of the clipless interface. After thinking about it I realized it should be exactly how you run but clipless pedals allow you to change that natural rhythm. This video explains exactly how you should pedal, how clipless pedals allow you to change that and why this also means that there is no “dead spot” in a pedal stroke.

-James Wilson

2 thoughts on “Killing the “deadspot” in your pedal stroke with Barefoot Pedaling

  1. Alan says:

    Hi James ,
    so enjoyed your info about the new flat pedals got a set and enjoy them they so make sence ,I was clipped in for a few years and was getting sore shins all the time and when I switched wow big difference thanks for making making biking fun again love your videos and blogs

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