May Combo Drill of the Month

I’m doing a couple of things differently with this Combo Drill post. First, I have a guest demonstrator. Colleen Craig was the first client I picked up when I moved to Fruita and has been training with me for over 2 years. She’s been doign combo drills with me for a while and she was nice enough to let me film her demoing the combo drill with me coaching her and pointing out some technique things.

Second, I am using a kettle bell in the demo. I usually use a dumbbell and you can still do all of the exercises with one but since I love kettle bell training for mountain biking I am going to start incorporating more of them into my postings. Anyone can get them a pair of Kettle Grips which you can find through Iron Woody Fitness. This makes kettle bell training easily accessible to most mountain bikers and something to consider if you want to add a very fun and beneficial tool to your training toolbox.

With that said, here is the demo…

DB Combo of the month for May

I’ve been using this combo drill on a daily basis doing 2 sets of 5 reps on each side, resting for about 30-60 seconds between sets and sides. When I have trouble fitting in regular workouts I tend to do more stuff like this where I am doing a shorter workout everyday just to keep my movement clean. It helps me train harder on the couple of days a week I do get a regular workout in.

I have been using a 35 pound Kettle Grip so I am not pushing hard as much as I am concentrating on bracing with the core and maintaining good position. Try adding this into your routine for the next four weeks and see how it helps you stay mobile and strong on your bike.

-James Wilson-

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  1. Simon says:

    James: You still doing these db/kb combos? I notice the web site isn’t operational any more, and there don’t seem to be any combo drill posts since May.

    Reply • August 19 at 7:39 pm
    • bikejames says:

      I have not done any more since May, I basically just started biting off more than I could chew, so to speak. I will post more as I come up with them and have time but trying to make up a new combo drill every month was getting old. Trying to keep people entertained is not the same as training and I hate to fall into the enterTRAINment trap so prevalent today.

      BTW, what web site isn’t operational any more?

      Reply • August 19 at 7:54 pm
  2. Simon says:

    James: I’ve been doing a version of this combo drill but including uni DLs and swings. I LOVE the windmill. Do you have any particular coaching cues apart from bracing your abs? I read somewhere it’s OK to unlock the front leg, but not the back one? Thanks.

    Reply • October 17 at 4:27 pm
    • bikejames says:

      I’ve seen a few different ways to do the windmill but I have also heard that you an unlock the front leg if you need to. The secret to doing this move correctly is to get your hips shifting over the rear leg, kind of like the lateral mobility move I use in the Dynamic Mobility Warm Up.

      You want to drive yourself back up by driving the rear heel into the ground shifting the hips back to center, not by extending the front leg. I really need to do a video on that move, it is one of the best cornering specific moves out there.

      Reply • October 20 at 1:50 pm

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