I didn’t think much about the Shoulder Press when I first started working out in high school. First, I wanted bigger pecs so the ladies would look at me and everyone knew that bench pressing exercises were what you needed to focus on. Second, I couldn’t lift nearly as much weight as I could for those bench pressing exercises, which made it harder to try and impress the girls on the treadmills.

However, something funny happened as I studied the art of strength more. It seemed that everyone I respected talked about the need to build a strong overhead press since it was the true measure of upper body strength, not the bench press. This led me to focus more on my overhead pressing and, as a result, I’ve grown to really appreciate what it can do for you both on the trail and in everyday life.

In this new video I go over the coaching cues I’ve found help people best execute the exercise, some common mistakes tat can cause pain and how to avoid them as well as some advanced tips to help you get the most out of every rep. I also explain more about how this exercise can help you ride with more strength and stability on the trail.

-James Wilson-

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