This week we have skills coach Joe Lawwill answering our questions about common things you may be doing to hold yourself back on the trail. Joe is a  former Masters World DH Champ and is currently a skills coach for Bike Skills (

In case you missed it, I also did a podcast with Joe that you can check out by clicking this link.

What are the top 3 basic skills that feel all riders should have?

Rider should be able to hold a track stand for at least 10 seconds, riders should know how to do a manual or at the very least know how to unweight the front wheel, riders must be able to ride down a steep hill without skidding!

What is the number one skill you see missing from most riders in your camps?

Rider’s don’t know how to unweight the front of the bike.

What is the number one mistake you see riders make with cockpit set up?

Brake levers position.

What is the number one mistake you see riders make with bike set up (tire pressure, suspensions settings, seat height, etc.)?

Suspension settings are generally way off.

What is your favorite technical skills drill?

Teaching the manual.

What is the number one thing that every rider should do today to gain more confidence and speed on the trail?

Get confident with the manual. If you know you can loft a manual at the drop of hat you will have very little to be afraid of on the trail.


In case you missed them, in Part 1 we talked to Lee McCormack and in Part 2 we talked to Katrina Strand. Look for Part 4 with Gene Hamilton next week.

-James Wilson-

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