The Kettlebell Clean seems like a simple exercise on the surface – swing the kettlebell back like you were going to do a swing and then stand up, pulling the kettlebell into the “rack” position. And, in truth, it really is simple if you know how to do a good swing and have a solid “rack” position.

But this exercise also has a hidden benefit for us as mountain bikers. When done correctly, it also teaches you how to use your breathe to absorb an impact.

On the trail you will find yourself facing a hard impact and you can’t just “get tight” in anticipation of it. You need to remain loose until the moment of impact, absorb it and then be able to relax and move again. And this is what the Kettlebell Clean teaches you to do.

In this video I break down the Kettlebell Clean and give you the coaching cues I use to help the riders learn how to perform it and advanced tips tips to get the most benefit out of it.

-James Wilson-

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