MTB SCP #34: Yeti ASR 7, The 123’s of Nutrition & Cooks vs. Chefs

In this edition of the MTB Strength Coach Podcast I cover…

– Gear Review: The Yeti ASR-7 is one of the new breed of long travel trail bikes and I’ve spent the last year thrashing mine around Western Colorado. Here is my take on this much-talked-about bike.

– Nutrition Tip: The 123’s of Mountain Bike Nutrition are the steps I use in my facility to help riders get their diet dialed in. While nutrition is a very complex subject, 80% of your results will come from these 3 things.

– Training Tip: Are you a Cook or a Chef? What the heck does cooking have to do with training? Learn why you’re probably better off just following the recipe…

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-James Wilson-

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  1. Jeff W says:

    Awesome podcast as usual James with great info. I am excited to hear about your new upcoming mobility program.


    Reply • December 13 at 8:54 am
  2. WAKi says:

    Great podcast, Love the chef cook analogy/idea. Works great for any kind of learning I think. Especially students of all creative occupations like photography, fine arts, architecture should listen to it! That’s the area where students stuck up their noses, knowing better and saying that rules limit their crativity… About the bike: oh that made my day. I own a Nomad and felt exactly all those things you talked about. I mean it’s not just a Nomad it’s all those kinds of bikes between 6-7″, People tell me c’mon it’s too big for a trail bike, oh 35lbs it’s so heavy, nearly a DH bike. Well if I think about it I agree with them. But then I go to my tech trails and it feels so great! As for your jumping tip, yes Nomad feels a bit more air friendly as it is pretty short. At the same time that is it’s downside on trails because you are a bit too cramped.

    Anybody interested into Nomad and do-it-all bikes idea in general, check out my blog:

    Reply • December 14 at 3:47 am
  3. John K. says:

    Awesome podcast James. The nutrition part was really informative. I’ve been trying to get my nutrition figured out for some time now, and the amount of information is overwhelming. I like how you simplified everything into three simple steps. Great.

    Reply • December 14 at 10:12 am

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