On your bike you have to do a push up type movement, making the Push Up one of the best MTB specific exercises you can do. However, there are a couple of specific things that make performing this movement on the bike different than doing a normal push up on the floor.

The first is the most obvious, which is that you are grasping a bar. Unlike when you are on the floor, this requires a high degree of wrist stability. 

The second is that the bar is centered on a pivot point. This means that it requires a higher degree of upper body and core stability. It also requires the ability to evenly apply pressure through both hands since uneven pressure will result in the bar tilting to one side.

So while normal push ups are great, to make them more MTB specific you need to mimic some of these things. Finding a way to do a push up on bar that is centered on a pivot point would require the same type of wrist, upper body and core stability we need on our bikes while also working on the ability to apply pressure evenly through the hands, helping us to stay balanced on the bike as well.

Enter The MTB Stability Push Up. While some companies have expensive training tools that try to mimic these things, this variation is better and you can use things you probably have available right now – a sturdy stick and a yoga block.

In this video I show you how to use these tools to create one of the best MTB specific upper body exercise you’ll find this side of riding your bike.

By using this push up variation you’ll also find the sweet spot for your hands on the bike – it becomes very obvious that having your hands too wide or too narrow doesn’t allow you to stay stable through your full range of motion. In fact, I like to use this push up variation when using the Push Up Test to check how wide someone’s handlebars should be.

The MTB Stability Push Up is a great example of how we can create unique solutions for our unique sport. By looking at the demands of our sport and applying some simple tweaks, you can get even more out of this already great exercise.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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