Lee McCormack has helped a lot of riders around the world through his website www.leelikesbikes.com and his insanely popular book, Mastering Mountain Bike Skills. He is also a big supporter of what I do and can be found banging out burpees and single leg deadlifts in his office.

Lee recently published two new books that I thought my podcast listeners would benefit from. The first is an update to Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and the second is a similar book for BMX riding. In this interview I find out what’s new in the update and why any mountain biker could learn a few things from the BMX book.

I’ll warn you up front that when we get on the phone we tend to get off topic and then get pumped on the strangest things. However, that’s what makes Lee great to talk to – he’s passionate about the small things that make mountain biking special.

You can download the MP3 file and subscribe to this podcast by clicking on this link.

-James Wilson-

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