When I first started riding I had one bike and used it for everything. It wasn’t until I started getting more into riding that I started to realize that there were bikes made for specific types of riding and but I had my one freeride bike – an old Turner RFX – that I rode for everything.

Since then I’ve gotten into dirt jumping and lift access downhill riding, two more disciplines that can use their own bikes. I’ve also gained an appreciation for sub-30 pound trail bikes and still have a soft spot for freeride bikes and over the last few years I have been assembling my ultimate collection of bikes. Last week I finally got the last of my new bikes built up and the whole quiver is finally together.

From the right – Dirt Jumper: Yeti 4X/ Trail Bike – Yeti ASR-5/ Freeride Bike – Cove G-Spot/ DH Bike – Transition TR-250

How about you? Do you have a quiver or do you have one bike you use for everything? What bike(s) do you currently ride?

-James Wilson-

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