My quiver of bikes…

When I first started riding I had one bike and used it for everything. It wasn’t until I started getting more into riding that I started to realize that there were bikes made for specific types of riding and but I had my one freeride bike – an old Turner RFX – that I rode for everything.

Since then I’ve gotten into dirt jumping and lift access downhill riding, two more disciplines that can use their own bikes. I’ve also gained an appreciation for sub-30 pound trail bikes and still have a soft spot for freeride bikes and over the last few years I have been assembling my ultimate collection of bikes. Last week I finally got the last of my new bikes built up and the whole quiver is finally together.

From the right – Dirt Jumper: Yeti 4X/ Trail Bike – Yeti ASR-5/ Freeride Bike – Cove G-Spot/ DH Bike – Transition TR-250

How about you? Do you have a quiver or do you have one bike you use for everything? What bike(s) do you currently ride?

-James Wilson-

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  1. Laidlaw says:

    Like you, my sole bike from 2003 thru 2010 was one Blur LT or another. Now I have a bike for every damn condition. I kind of miss the good old days, where I would force myself to ride DH or DJ on that one bike, because I have a hard time adjusting to the suspension/geometry changes when I don’t ride the DJ or Freeride bike as often. Case in point- I took the Jackal to Valmont yesterday, after not riding it for 3 months. I thought I was going to f-in die for the whole 3 hours we were there. It was only in the last half hour that I finally started to get acclimated to no rear suspension and the short travel fork again. This weekend we’re gonna hit up Vail for some DH, and since I haven’t been on my SX Trail since last August, hopefully it doesn’t take me all day to get comfortable.

    Yeah, I miss the one-bike days…

    Reply • June 5 at 11:36 am
  2. Brete says:

    Two bikes is as many as my brain can handle. 2012 Giant Reign for trail and a Santa Cruz Driver 8 for FR/Dh. I throw a -2* headset into the D8 for DH, and that is a riding adjustment in and of itself. It takes some upper-body strength to keep that front wheel tracking.

    Reply • June 5 at 3:00 pm
  3. Heith says:

    I had a few bikes but now I’m a minimalist.
    1.Road Bike(Colnago CX-1)
    2.MTB (S-Works Single Speed)

    Reply • June 5 at 3:35 pm
  4. Mike B says:

    One bike(broke grad student haha) – 2001 Trek Fuel 80

    Saving up for a Yeti ASR-5.. but that’ll take some time.


    Reply • June 5 at 4:31 pm
  5. Patrick O'Leary says:

    I’d like to have more than one bike but the cost is hard to justify when you’re married, lol.

    Reply • June 5 at 4:41 pm
  6. Luke says:

    I only have 2 bikes
    1. Road Bike (Specialized Allez)
    2. MTB (Specialized Rockhopper)

    Not that I wouldnt like a dual suspension MTB but my wife & wallet say no!

    Reply • June 5 at 4:43 pm
  7. NINA says:

    started out on a klein Adroit ..still hav it ..an moved up to a specialized Era..still learning..then think bout what i want next ..hmmm HEHE !

    Reply • June 5 at 5:18 pm
  8. Mike Tuttle says:

    I have 3 Bikes:
    1. Bianchi Vigorelli road bike which never actually sees the road but sits on my fluid trainer for when the weather forces me inside.

    2. 1998 Specialized Rockhopper which I turned into a single-speed.

    3. 2011 Trek/Gary Fisher HiFi Pro… 29-er and clipless, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply • June 5 at 6:12 pm
  9. I sometimes find it hard to swap back and forth between hardtail and duallie, but otherwise bike swapping seems straightforward for me.
    Titus Fireline 29er Exogrid Single Speed-the single speed obviously
    Trek Fuel EX 9.9 (with Reverb post and flat pedals)-the fun bike
    Trek Superfly 100 Elite-the race bike
    Santa Cruz V10 carbon-the Whistler bike
    and an assortment of road bikes for getting to work, riding with friends, & the occasional race (but these days it is all about the mountain bike).

    Reply • June 5 at 8:29 pm
  10. Sc00ter says:

    I have three, a 1979 Redline MX II bmx which is more of an antique than a rideable bike anymore, my very 1ST mtb, 1995 trek 820 rigid, which I just converted to single speed. (for torture sessions!) and for everything else, an ’08 Kona Coilair, it’s “magical.”

    Reply • June 5 at 11:23 pm
  11. Ashraf says:

    Y no SB 66?
    That’s what I’m riding now. The first proper Mountain bike I bought and all I’ll need for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply • June 6 at 1:00 am
  12. Alice says:

    This is my second seasion, so still just got my trek remedy 8. Which I love.Planning to bye a downhill bike this year:). Maybe also a trailbike for the winter season.
    I would not mind having several bikes for different terrain, but probably wont happen right now.
    Thats a very nice collection you got there!

    Reply • June 6 at 1:28 am
  13. James k says:

    I have 3 bikes but only one Mtb, a lapierre zesty that I ride everything on, it’s a 2010 214 that I’ve turned into a do-it-all machine, joplin post, bos deville 160 forks, fox Dhx air 5.0 shock, and a selection of offset rear shock bushes, tyres, and gearing to alter the geometry and feel. all day mountain rides, evenings in the woods, racing stage dh enduro’s, 24 hr xc’s, and the megavalanche on it this year and until it breaks will continue to do so! I believe 1 bike is enough for Mtb now, obviously there are compromises but it does all at a good level, and until I’m a pro at every discipline, I’m the weak link!

    Reply • June 6 at 3:27 am
  14. ED BIRCH says:

    1 x turner sultan 29’er covers most of my needs [nukeproof flats]
    1 x one-niner single-speed for training [nukeproof flats]

    Reply • June 6 at 3:28 am
  15. Eric says:


    Nice collection! Don’t see any wagon wheels in your collection. Where do you stand on the 29er debate? Just curious.

    My collection has been an Ibis Mojo SL that does everything. However I have had the good fortune of being able to ride 4 IMBA epics in the past 2 months and the newly opened Goldwater Mountain in Alabama. I have found that to ride the new style of trail design fast, I need to improverent my dirt jump skills. This was my justification to my family CFO (wife) to get a Scott Voltage YZ 0.2 . Funny thing about this bike is I paid less for it than my CB Kronolog dropper seat post but has been a blast at the local pump track/jump line and at the beach as a cruiser.

    James…since DJ seems to be gaining interest, I would love to see an article from you on the subject. I am an old guy (47) trail rider and didn’t grow up in the X-games era and didn’t see how DJ translates to better trail skills until recently.

    Keep up the good work!

    Reply • June 6 at 7:15 am
  16. BB says:

    James, you’re missing the 29er hardtail singlespeed! You need one.

    I have 3.5 mtb’s and one road bike.
    1. Santa Cruz Tallboy (all-around rough trail, endurance, and race bike)
    2. Niner SIR9, currently 1×10, sometimes singlespeed (for smoother trails or shorter rides). I’ve been riding it more and more and the FS bike less and less lately.
    3. Diamonback DBR Axis TT. I built up this bike in 1993 and still like it. The titanium frame will probably last forever. Still running most of the original 8-speed drivetrain. Currently use it mostly for goofing around with my kid. Currently has original rigid fork and some flat pedals on it.
    4. 2005 Specialized Epic Marathon. Current project bike. Got the frame for free and building up mostly with parts I already had.
    5. 2011 Specialized Roubaix Pro — the road bike.

    Reply • June 6 at 7:22 am
  17. SL says:

    Commuter Norco Nitro
    DJ NS Suburban/DJ1
    Trail Foes FXR/Z1 ETA
    HC Trail SC Nomad/66 ETA
    DH SC carbon V10/888

    Reply • June 6 at 11:33 pm
  18. MS says:

    Nice quiver, but why do you have the Cove and Transitions? Seems like the two bikes would overlap no? I could see having a Cove and Transitions TR450.

    My quiver includes:

    K2 Razorback – Hardtail that I use to pull my son in his bike carrier
    Rocky Mountain ETSX-70 – XC
    Rocky Mountain Flow – Dirt Jumper
    Rocky Mountain Flatline WC – DH
    Canondale Synapse – Road

    I would like to add an all mountain bike to the quiver, but probably won’t happen this year.

    Reply • June 8 at 2:34 pm
  19. WAKi says:

    I have 3 bikes at the moment, Nomad, HT for XC&pump and a CX commuter, and I am already getting nuts with repairing them (ok my wife has a Meta4x so it’s half mine)

    I admire people with 4 bikes+, at least those who service them themselves in suggested intervals…

    Reply • June 14 at 2:08 am
  20. Chris says:

    DJ/Track_ 2012 Yeti Dirt Jumper w/Twenty 6- flats
    XC/AM_ 2006 SWorks Stumpjumper FSR w/Crank Brothers Candy 3- clipless
    FR/Mayhem_ 2003 Santa Cruz Bullit (1st Gen.) w/Straitline Amp’s- flats

    I am still trying to rustle up the funds to assemble what I like to refer to as my “Slaughter” bike ;)… A Niner Air-9 carbon SS w/clipless to use in 6 & 12 hour solo XC races and fast/light days… I look forward to it being kinda like bringing an MP5 to a pillow fight ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply • June 15 at 8:05 am

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