Well, it’s official – Ryan Leech is one of my favorite people on planet Earth.

Rarely does someone live up to their internet persona but Ryan really is one of the nicest, most giving guys out there.

I’ve had the chance to talk with Ryan via Skype several times (a lot of them are published as podcasts) but I hadn’t had the chance to meet him until last week when he rolled through town and invited me and Aka the Trail Mutt for a ride.

After a ride, some pizza and coffee we were buzzing from all the great energy we had going and so we decided to sit down and do a Facebook Live shoot for his coaching group.

Not wanting to have you guys miss out on the goodness I also set up my mic and recorded what went down.

And what went down was an hour plus long conversation where we covered a lot of ground, including what he learned while creating his jump course, how the foot works and how it really applies to your pedals, the biggest mistake riders make with their cardio training and why a lot of the skills training advice you get is simply wrong.

It was another great talk and we left off with a lot left to discuss. I hope you enjoy this new podcast and get some insights and inspiration to help you enjoy riding even more.

Click Here to Download This Episode of the BikeJames Podcast (right click and save)

And remember to check out Ryan’s coaching group, which offers the best online skills training programs available. Not all skills training advice is created equal and Ryan is one of the few coaches who values movement as much as skill and it shows in how he approaches things.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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