It is hard to believe that it has been over two years since I first put together the original Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto. At the time my main motivation for creating it was to put a collection of articles I had written together into one place for easy reference. I had spent a couple years outlining my arguments and introducing new science into the discussion and it was getting hard to point people to all of the relevant posts.

This made the Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto a very unique resource. No where else could you find all of the science and logical arguments needed to combat the myths, half-truths and outright lies that surround the subject of pedals. Given the thousands and thousands of times it has been downloaded and shared I’m proud to say that it has helped a lot of riders learn the truth about the pedal stroke and the role your pedals really play in it.

More riders than ever before are choosing to build their pedal stroke and skills using flat pedals and using clipless pedals for what they truly are – a piece of performance equipment for race day that can have negative consequences if used too soon or too often. And I’d like to think that the Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto and the conversations it has sparked has helped play a role in that.

Since its release I’ve continued to write more posts and share even more information that helps to expose the truth about the role clipless and flat pedals play in your performance and once more I’m finding it hard to point people to all of this new info. So that’s why I decided that it was time to update the Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto to include these new articles and videos.

Click here to download the new Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto

Along with including over a dozen new articles I’ve also changed up the format a bit. First up is all of the science behind what I’m saying. One of the mistakes I made with the original was saving the science stuff for the end but now you’ll see the slides from the famous Morniuex and Korff studies I reference all the time as well as an EMG reading of the pedal stroke and some pretty chilling injury statistics right off the bat.

I think that it is very important that riders see that there is real science behind this and it is not just based on my opinion.

From there I go on to debunk all of the common clipless pedal myths and show you how you can quickly improve your performance on flat pedal. I end with a collection of articles that are meant to give you more fuel for thought about how crazy this whole “clipless pedals are better than flats” mindset being pushed by the cycling industry really is.

Again, I present these things not because I hate clipless pedals but because someone owes it to the riding community to let them know the truth. My only goal is to help my fellow mountain bikers improve their performance, confidence and fun factor and for a lot of riders the fastest way to do that is to free their minds so they can free their feet.

I hear from riders every week who have found that they were being held back because they started using clipless pedals too soon and had never learned how to ride flats. They use terms like “funnest ride ever” , “cleared that section I’ve never made before” and “set several PRs on Strava” when describing their breakthroughs on the trail and I’d like to give every rider the chance to experience the same thing.

So if you have already downloaded the Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto then I’d like to say thanks for your support. I’d still recommend checking out the new version, there’s a lot of new content worth taking a look at.

I’d also really appreciate it if you could share this new Flat Pedal Revolution via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else it might get into the hands of a rider who could benefit from the info. This is still a grassroots campaign and it is up to us to help spread the truth that the cycling industry seems content to ignore.

And if you haven’t checkout out the Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto then now is the perfect time to download it. Hell, you don’t need to agree with me to check it out. In fact, the more you disagree with me the more you should check it out.

I find that it is good to read things that challenge your beliefs. Reading the science and logic I present in the Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto will either reinforce why you’re right…or it may challenge you to re-think some of your positions, opening the path to higher levels of riding in the process.

But you’ll never know if you’ve never actually seen what is in it.

Click here to download the new Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto and learn more about the Science & Logic of Using Flat Pedals to Improve Your Performance.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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