I mentioned in my last newsletter how I finally got a chance to get the tires of my new Yeti ASR-7 dirty. We got the call from our sources over in Moab saying that things had thawed out enough to open up a few trails, including Amasa Back. Amasa Back is one of my favorite trails in Moab and is a very challenging trail full of rocky obstacles.

I even hit the step up jump on the way up – after two months of no riding and being on a new bike I thought I’d probably skip it. However, one of the guys I was riding with decided to step it up and hit it so I went for it too. Here are some pics and a video I took of the trip.

Gassing up for the drive.

My new bike finally getting out on the trail.

Gettin' rowdy...
Random shot on the way up the trail.

My new Yeti rode awesome. I was super impressed with its ability to climb and found myself looking for the trickiest ledges and routes to test it out. However, the 7 inches really stood out on the way down. The fact that I could hit a jump I haven’t hit in over a year after two months off any bike should tell you how stable and natural it feels to ride it.

I’ve got to get the rear shock dialed in a bit better – while it felt great plowing through rock gardens I like it to be a bit snappier so I can more easily bunny hop and stuff it into corners. I’ll be posting more videos and pics as I get out more but over all the first ride was very promising and while I’ll miss my old Turner I’m sure I’ll get over it quickly.

-James Wilson-

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