Riding a wheelie can be a tough thing to learn for a lot of riders. I mean, if you don’t learn it as a kid then it can be hard to pick it up later in life on a mountain bike. It is one of those skills that I still struggle with and I get a lot of questions from riders looking for advice on how to learn it.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a great resource that I could turn to myself or recommend to others. Sure, you could Google it and find a bunch of videos and advice but there wasn’t something to guide you through the actual process of learning how to wheelie.

Luckily for us, though, that’s exactly the problem my friend Ryan Leech set out to solve. Ryan is an expert trials rider and all around mountain biking bad ass that set the standard for technical riding for years through films like the Kranked series and countless other appearances in the media.

Ryan is also uniquely qualified to provide a guide through the process of learning wheelies. He struggled with them at first, which forced him to learn the process instead of relying on natural talent. Ryan also credits learning to do a wheelie with helping him become the rider he is today, giving him the confidence that he could learn to do anything on his bike.

Ryan is also a skills coach who has taught countless riders the basics of a wheelie but he always felt something was lacking…he knew what riders really needed was a system instead of a single lesson. So he created the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge in which he shows you his 30 day system for learning to wheelie.

Ryan’s mission is simply to help more riders experience the “joy of doing a wheelie” so he agreed to come back on the podcast to share some of his top tips and strategies for helping you to learn this elusive skill. If you’re looking for a place to get started with learning to wheelie then this podcast is a great place to start. You’re bound to learn something from a true wheelie master like Ryan that can help you.

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In this new podcast I ask him…

– Why would I want to be able to ride a wheelie?

– What is the #1 thing you think riders don’t realize about doing a wheelie?

– What are your top 3 tips for doing a wheelie?

– Are then any equipment tips you have for learning to wheelie?

– How long will it really take before I can do a wheelie with confidence?

– What’s the story behind the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge?

– Why did you set it up the way you did with a lesson a day for 30 days vs. a regular manual?

And if you are interested in the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge then click here to sign up for only $30. That gives you unlimited access to not only the 30 day plan but also Ryan himself, who answers any questions you might have along the way. Its pretty cool that you can have access to Ryan’s expertise and experience to help you along the way and I highly recommend this program.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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