In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I recap the insights and lessons I took from the recent Perform Better Functional Training Summit. It was a 3 day event in Long Beach that brought in some of the best coaches in the industry to share their knowledge.

It was also a great excuse to catch up with some old friends in the coaching industry and get an idea of where the Functional Training movement is headed. I learned a lot but I also left feeling a little disappointed with some things that I saw. Calling a Steel Mace a Leverbell strictly for marketing purposes, for example.

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My Big 5 Take Aways from the Perform Better Functional Training Summit:

1 – Leverage and Torque based tension are different than Compression based tension. This is why the Mace and Indian Clubs are more effective for “real world/ farm boy” strength.

2 – The Glute Bridge/ Hip Thrust deserves a spot with Squat and Hinge as lower body movement patterns that need to be trained. Ramping Iso Bridge achieves the goal of the loaded hip thrust.

3 – The hips are made to create and absorb force along multiple planes and they need to be trained that way.

4 – Keto is overrated and misunderstood.

5 – Functional Training needs to evolve past the current “Correctives + Kettlebells” formula.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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