Riders that engage in Cross Training tend to perform better and incur fewer injuries, making it a popular subject for riders who want to improve. But if you don’t understand the 2 Levels of Cross Training then you can actually start to create more problems.

In this episode of the MTB Strength Coach Podcast I go into the subject of Cross Training and how you can use it to help you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

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Here are the notes from this podcast…

– Cross Training is a catch all term that is used to describe anything done outside of your sport.

– Not all Cross Training is created equal and you need two types.

– The first type is basic movement and strength training geared towards improving your specific weaknesses and improving the things you need for your primary sport. This is the level that addresses your basic human movement and function and lays the athletic foundation you need to be a better rider.

– The second type is another way to use your fitness besides your primary sport, preferably something that uses different movement patterns like hiking, trail running, skiing, climbing, BJJ, etc. This level helps keep your movement vocabulary broad by exposing your body to movements skills outside of your primary sport and reinforces your movement base.

– One of the main goals of Cross Training is to restore and maintain balance in an effort to improve long term performance through fewer overuse injuries. This means that just doing different types of cycling is not really Cross Training.

– A good Cross Training program would have you doing 2-3 days of targeted mobility and strength work along with 1-2 days of an alternate activity.

– The first type of Cross Training is the most important and if you have to choose one then it is the best one to focus on. Participating in some other activity is better than nothing but will often lead to other overuse injuries and weaknesses.

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