Q: I bought my program at perhaps the wrong time for me, since I am down with a partial tear in my Achilles tendon and a case of tendonitis in my shoulder so have been advised by the doc not to train or ride until healed. Not sure about what caused either but they are on the same side.

Two things that might have aggravated the tendon are a new pair of shoes and perhaps the clips were a bit too far forward in the shoe. Another possibility is that my seat was set a bit higher by a few centimeters for a 2 hour climb.


Injuries are not fun and can undo months of training in what seems like just a few weeks.

This is new territory for me so appreciate any suggestions.

A: I think that there is probably a lot more to your situation than new shoes and saddle height. They may have contributed but i think that it is more like the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

Here is my take – bad movement causes pain and injuries and also robs us of performance. Bad movement is caused by imbalances in the body, particularly in the area of mobility. If your mobility is poor then you body learns to create movement around that poor mobility and that is what causes pain and injuries.

Lucky for you my programs work on mobility and restoring balance so you will hopefully be able to address the real causes of your injury. I’d try to do the mobility routine while you wait for your injuries to heal as they will probably not aggrevate them and may speed the healing process. of course, do not do anything that hurts.

-James Wilson-

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