Q: “I took a break from training during christmas after doing DB Combos for 6 weeks. After about a week my knees started to feel a bit stiff.

They also feel like the joints aren’t as fluid as they should be. Do you have any experience with such things? I guess I should just not train for a little while and see if it gets better?”


A: If your knees are bothering you then something may not be right with how you are moving during the workouts. A couple if things than may be happening-
1. You might not be controlling your descent well enough. You need to “pull” yourself down instead of just letting gravity pull you down. There is a difference between just controlling a fall and actively pulling yourself down. Not doing this can definitely stress the knees.
2. You may be letting the knees deviate from being over your foot. If your knees are caving in, bowing out or being pressed forward past the toes this will place a lot of stress on them. You have to be able to come down and maintain good knee position.
3. You may not be getting your hips involved as much as you need to. You really have to drive your heels into the ground and squeeze your butt cheeks in order to get the hip firing.
Recheck yourself on these three points and see if you can find the reason for your knee stiffness.
Ride Strong,
James Wilson

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