I’m in week 5 of the 12-Week DB Combos program…and as I have emailed you previously, it is already helping my climbing, fatigue, etc.

I like the workout – the warmup, strength movements and DB cardio combos all fit very well into my lunchtime (takes about 40-45 minutes). But I feel like I might be neglecting some other movements that could help mountain biking…

If you had to prioritize one or two (or even three) more exercises to do in addition to the 12 week routine, what would they be? (BTW – I am not getting nearly as much “push up” time as I used to – would that be one of your “essentials”?) I have maybe another 30 minutes I can carve out 3 days a week – but it would probably be separate time from the time I have available to do 12 week program – so I know I would need to take some time to warmup (again).

Thanks in advance for your help..


A: The DB Combos program is great but it does leave some good moves on the table in order to be as efficient as it is. If I was going to add in anything else to the program here is what I would add in the order I would add them:

1 – Turkish Get Up (TGU)
2- Swings
3- Single Leg Squats

If you want to add in some push ups here and there feel free. I do a lot of random stuff on off days mainly just to practice some movements and exercises. I just don’t push it to the point of affecting my “real” workouts.

Maybe do this –

Warm Up
20 Jumping Jacks
8 overhead Shoulder Dislocations
8 Squat to Stands

5 TGUs each side
10 Swings each hand
3-5 Single Leg Squats each leg

Do 2-3 rounds of that workout and you’ll be good. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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