I’m a little late getting a blog post up today because I’ve been working like mad on updating the Ultimate MTB Workout Program and creating the new racing specific versions of it. However, like any good mountain biker I did manage to blow off work long enough this weekend to get my first ride of the year in.

While we’ve been suffering through the cold, snow and eventual mud from this winter Moab Utah has been warm and dry for a while now but I’ve been too busy to make the hour and a half drive. On Saturday, though, I finally got the chance to throw my bike on the car and Aka the trail mutt and I drive over to meet a buddy of mine for an afternoon of seeing if I could remember how to ride my bike on the Amasa Back-to-Captain Ahab trail.

Luckily it was…well, like riding a bike and I was back in the groove in no time. Good thing, too, because those trails don’t mess around, especially Captain Ahab on the way back down. I’d never ridden it before and it was full of super fun technical moves that required precision, balance and balls. It reminded me a lot of the super rocky, technical trails I started riding on behind Santa Barbara CA but with a MUCH different background to enjoy.

At the end of the ride Aka and I were tired but happy to get back on the trail. I’m really looking forward to riding this year and also hearing the stories from riders who’ve used my programs to help them prepare to have more fun than ever this year.

While I didn’t get a lot of pics here are a few I did manage to stop and take…I’m so bad about taking pictures and stuff, something I’ll work on this year.

Ready to rock…

Sweet view on the way up.

Aka eyeing up a drop…

Yes, I know, I’m on the phone but it was with the wife who was making sure I was still alive.

Another view from the top.

Hope you had a chance to get out and ride this weekend and keep an eye out for news on the release of the new Ultimate MTB Workout Program v5 and the new race specific versions.

If you got out for a ride this weekend post something about it below, I love to hear riding stories.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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