Last night I went on a Ribbon shuttle, which is one of the more epic rides we have around Grand Junction. The Ribbon trail is an amazing ride for a few reasons – the views are spectacular and the terrain is a bit surreal. You find yourself riding along at 35-40 mph on stretches of slickrock and darting through trees with just enough climbing thrown in to keep you honest.

Pick your line on the slickrock

It was also the first ride back on my Yeti ASR-7 after the Whole Enchilada ride I did last weekend. I had to get my Hammerschmidt overhauled and my new chainstay put on and I was ready to rock some trails.

My trusty steed ready for action again

On a side note, I wanted to say thanks to the guys at Yeti, particularly Nate in the warranty department, for the quick turnaround on getting me my replacement chainstay. Bikes break when you ride as much and as hard as I do and what’s really important in my book is how they are going to handle a warranty situation. It’s nice knowing that the guys at Yeti all ride themselves, understand how much it sucks to be without your bike and will work hard to get you back on the trail.


New blinged out white chainstay

The ride started out with me breaking my brand new chain about 2 minutes out of the parking lot but luckily I was able to get it fixed and avoided any more major mechanicals as the sun set on the Grand Valley. Here are some pics from the trail, enjoy!

Crazy steep roll in
More slickrock through the trees
There is some dirt singletrack as well
Looking back on where we started
Sunset view before dropping in on Lunch Loops

-James Wilson-

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