I hope your week has been going well and you’ve been finding some ways to maintain your fitness and sanity. I know that I’ve been watching a lot more videos on training and riding lately and I wanted to share some new ones I posted in case you’re looking for some good stuff to check out as well.

These are two questions that I got from riders looking for help. One of the best parts of my job is getting to help riders find the answers they need to improve their training and riding. It may not always be the answer they expected but I always try to give the best advice I can.

Question #1 – Fueling Strategies For Energy On Long Rides – A lot of riders look to a fueling strategy of carbs and proteins to help them maintain energy on long rides. This rider wanted to know what I thought would be the best approach for him…my answer may surprise you.

Question #2 – Doesn’t Everyone Need A Different Pedal Stroke? – One of the common responses I get when presenting the real science and movement principles behind the pedal stroke is “well, that may work for you but everyone is different and I know what works for me”. I call this the Baskin Robbins argument because, for the same reason the ice cream shop carries 31 flavors, and so nothing works for everyone. Well, that may work for some people but here is how I try to go about formulating my opinion and why I think it is the best way to look at pretty much anything we do on the bike.

If you have a question for me feel free to send me an email to james@bikejames.com, I’m always happy to help. Have a great weekend and we’ll see what the next week has in store for us.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson
MTB Strength Training Systems

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