Q: Do you have any good advice for an on-going IT band issue that I can’t seem to resolve ? It just started last fall and I have a therapy routine per a knee specialist , so hopefully soon I will be pain free but I don’t want to be in this predicament again . Thanks for any advise you can pass down .


A:I’ve had good luck with this routine in my facility to help with IT band problem. Even though it is billed as a routine for low back pain in this old blog post, the hip mobility you will gain from it will help a lot of hip and leg pains as well. Try this routine to help you out:


Also, really dig into the butt cheeks with the foam roller…I’d even get a tennis ball and eventually a softball to dig in even deeper. The glutes are a big, thick muscle and you really have to dig in to get the trigger points under the surface.

I was reading something by Mike Boyle a few months back and he pointed something out that changed how I approach this problem. I used to spend more time foam rolling the IT band itself and while it may help some it is inherently limited. The IT band itself is a very tough “chord” that runs down the side of the leg and really has very little potential for lengthening itself.

However, If you get the soft tissue it connects with the IT band, i.e. the glute, to loosen up that will take some of the pressure off of it. That will help more in the long run than just rolling out on the IT band. Remember that a lot of times where you feel pain isn’t where the problem is – it is usually some dysfunction in the joint above or below the pain that is the real culprit. In this case, the glutes in the hip joint are causing the problem.

Hope this helps…

-James Wilson-

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