One of the common responses I get when presenting the real science and movement principles behind the pedal stroke is “well, that may work for you but everyone is different and I know what works for me”. I call this the Baskin Robbins argument because, for the same reason the ice cream shop carries 31 flavors, and so nothing works for everyone. Well, that may work for some people but here is how I try to go about formulating my opinion and why I think it is the best way to look at pretty much anything we do on the bike.

2 thoughts on “Rider Q&A: Isn’t Everyone Different And So One Pedal Stroke Won’t Work For Everyone?

  1. Sterling Mount says:

    I noticed that when i try to pedal standing up i use a bigger great to turn because my weight is over my pedals and it allows me a chance at a lower cadence. Unfortunately i can’t hold this rate as long as i can put it in granny gear and spin forever. Do you have any tips for standing during sustained climbs

    • bikejames says:

      I suggest that you stand up for the hard, high tension efforts and sit down to recover for the next one. Using both standing and seated pedaling is the best way and too many riders rely too much on seated pedaling. Plus, the more you do it the stronger you will get and the better your endurance will become.

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